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The Neo Slim 3000 new firmware download page


The Neo Slim 3000 new firmware download page

we will release the new firmware to here tomorrow, for let user download and upgrade.

How to upgrade your Neo Slim 3000:
[1] Download the new firmware from to your PC and unzip it.
[2] Link your Slim 3000 to your PC via USB cable
[3] Copy the NEO_UPDATE.BIN to the ROOT of your Slim 3000 USB drive
[4] After done, pull out the Slim 3000 from your USB port
[5] Enter the Slim 3000 Setting page, and choose the "Upgrade", then start to upgrade your Slim 3000 to the last version firmware. (Note: PLEASE KEEP THE BATTERY FULL WHEN YOU TRY TO UPGRADE YOUR SLIM 3000 SYSTME!)

download link:

has the NeoSlim 3000 been released ?

if so i need to get newsposting :)

yes,but sell in japan only at this moment  ::sm-10.gif::

the new firmware for Neo Slim 3000 V1.6 release now.

* Improved the EMU core
* Fixed one bug for exit application

download link:

v1.7 have released :,6073.0.html


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