Author Topic: Runescape Happy foreign Women's day 2020!  (Read 858 times)

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Runescape Happy foreign Women's day 2020!
« on: August 17, 2020, 03:40:47 PM »
Let's celebrate International Women's Day 2020 and OSRS gold ask us anything! Since this past year, Jagex has welcomed some awesome girls into the team, and we hope that together with some of our content creators which we can answer any queries you have. What's it like to work in Runescape games Industry? What are our favourite RuneScape one-liners? Can we have some pets (virtual or real )?

Ask away! We'd really like to give you a few insights about what working in and with matches is like - and also what the folks behind Runescape games enjoy and do! If you are a RuneScape/OSRS Runescape player and have any questions regarding our views and work, we are looking forward to answering, but please note that we will not be able to look into single account difficulties and problems! We love seeing girls in Runescape games sector and hope we could encourage more to join us! And if you're considering joining the industry, why not take a look at our careers page and apply?

I didn't get into Runescape game industry on goal but I figure that's the beauty of the industry: it is possible to combine through so many distinct channels and find out about all different aspects of the industry(the majority of the folks I encountered are quite down to earth and easy to talk to, making it easier to learn if you are excited ). There are certainly plenty of challenges along the way but I'd say most of them are great ones, the type that would encourage self-development and build your confidence, however I do not think any of the challenges is because of my gender.

I moved the dull route and obtained a diploma in computer science! I applied everywhere so I just sort of dropped it and Jagex looked more fun than others. The principal challenge I face is that I have to constantly prove that buy RS gold I got the job based on my abilities rather than as a"diversity employ". Not everybody believes that, but some folks like to make jokes and it certainly sinks my confidence a little.