Author Topic: one news about the MK6-motion for this compo  (Read 18714 times)

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one news about the MK6-motion for this compo
« on: April 09, 2007, 02:38:59 AM »
one news about the MK6-motion:
we have decide to allow ALL winner can choose the MK6-motion as the prize  from now, if you have choose your prize already, don't worry, you can choose the MK6-motion and cancel the previous prize,just PM me again and post your final decision here one more time.

Because from next NEO compo (Aug.20th 2007) we will give more support to the MK6 application,every enter which use the MK6 feature will get +1 score when calculate the final score for winner.   :)

more info:,4084.0.html
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