Author Topic: the result of MK5 skin design compo  (Read 20549 times)

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the result of MK5 skin design compo
« on: May 11, 2007, 09:53:53 PM »

the result of MK5 skin design compo [May.11th 2007]

thanks everyone who join this MK5 skin compo firstaly , thanks for your support :)

we have seen many good design have entered, so make us very difficult to make the final conclusion  ::sm-03::

but here are the 2 winners finally:

No.1 : PCB by KR155E (for his great idea)

No.2 :  MK5 'Paradise' Edition by Tadashi (for his great artwork)

congrats! KR155E will get the MK5  16G and Tadashi will get MK5 8G for prize!
please PM me the address and tel number for ship the prize.

and thanks again for all entries , here you can view all MK5 skin great design too:

How to use the new skin on your MK5:

[1] goto the skin folder which you like , for example the "?:\Dsystem\skin\pcb"
[2] copy all files to your MK5, for example your MK5 is driver e: , then can them to "e:\Dsystem\skin"
[3] some skins come with the font color define ini, you have to copy this "global.ini" to "e:\Dsystem too" too
[4] re-power on your NDS,to enjoy the new skin :)

here you can download all MK5 skins :,4119.0.html

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