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--- Quote from: Dr.neo on May 14, 2008, 09:38:01 AM ---sure, have 2 version, one for JAP NES and one for USA NES, and will have real time save too.

--- End quote ---

So it's a no go for European nes owners ?

i do hope it will work on PAL nes, i really like to get my hands on one of those kits;

Are not American and European NES's the same?

There the same but the don't play US nes games.

Makes me ask also: does the kit play all regio games?
mixing some us/jpn/eu games on it is ok and plays fine

don't the jap version work on the pal one? like's the case with the snes?

you can put the japanese version FC and USA version NES roms to same neo2 cart and they will run well, but the PAL roms just can run on PAL NES, if you try to run them mix you will see PAL roms can't run on JAP/USA NES very well, and JAP/USA ROMS can't run well on PAL NES too, something like game speed change , no color ...


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