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The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2010 is closed! Have 52 entries total !

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The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2010 is closed! Have 52 entries total !            
The Retro APP division, total 16 entries            
   [PSP APP] Cristal Vista 7.0 DEMO   By Arber       
   [NDS APP] Avia : Your Personal Birdwatcher's Guide!   By SimplexProductions       
   [N64 APP] SMPlayer - The simple music player for the N64   By ChillyWilly       
   [NDS APP] Online Jukebox DS   By thecoon       
   [NDS APP] Etch (NDS)   By BassAceGold       
   [PSP APP] Snes9X Euphoria R4   By Zack       
   [PSP APP] Attractive Pixelart App!   By mfcas       
   [PCE APP] Hunter - An NSF player for the TurboGrafx/PC-Engine   By mic_       
   [PSP APP] PSPDictionary v3.1.0   By Gefa       
   [N64 APP] GeneScript scripting language with demo and libraries   By Conle       
   [NDS APP] DSLamp   By corenting       
   [NDS APP] fb4nds - Facebook for DS   By linoma       
   [PSP APP] Ultimate VSH Menu Final   By Total_Noob       
   [NDS APP] DScritor   By miguel28       
   [NDS APP] Tirada2   By Aguilera_87       
   [NDS APP] Jazzier Suite 2.0   By Gaz       
The Retro GAME division, total 36 entries            
   [NDS GAME] Scribble Jump DS   By s_hansse       
   [NDS GAME] Super Smash Bros Crash! DS    By miguel28       
   [NDS GAME] Pokemon Ghost Black ReTold   By DesertDog       
   [NDS GAME] Chapas GP   By Jovin       
   [PSP GAME] Mario Fusion   By Zack       
   [PSP GAME] Undead Terror Demo   By leooomichel       
   [NDS GAME] Flake Out! DS   By B12Core       
   [Wii GAME] Scape   By Sheeft       
   [NDS GAME] Plus ou moins DS   By corenting       
   [PSP GAME] Mario Masochism   By Liquid Pro Quo       
   [Wii GAME] NanoMechas   By EvilTroopa       
   [NDS GAME] Chewing Boy NDS   By morukutsu       
   [PSP GAME] PSP_Bot   By Geecko       
   [NDS GAME] Agent Eight NDS   By skyfrog_fr       
   [PSP GAME] BreakOut4PSP   By Geecko       
   [PSP GAME] Age Of Nations - RC1   By seanpaul223       
   [NDS GAME] Super Extreme Smile   By LaPatateInc       
   [MD GAME] Mega-Drive Space Pixy   By sarang       
   [NDS GAME] SquarO   By Aguilera_87       
   [NDS GAME] Duyumania   By Nacho Cuesta       
   [NDS GAME] Speed Trap   By NightFox       
   [PSP GAME] Simon Says   By wwboy       
   [PSP GAME] 4S: Side Scrolling Space Shooter   By KL       
   [PSP GAME] Portable Bubble v2.1.0   By Gefa       
   [NDS GAME] Sokoban Touch & Go!   By maRk2512       
   [NDS GAME] DSPaintball   By miguel28       
   [NDS GAME] Epic Caveman   By TreyB       
   [NDS GAME] Puzzli   By alekmaul       
   [NDS GAME] Lode Runner Return   By alekmaul       
   [NDS GAME] Bilou : Apple Assault   By PypeBros       
   [PSP GAME] Toy Wars demo version   By davidgf       
   [PSP GAME] SaveTheCastle   By rubenelportero       
   [PSP GAME] PSPok√©mon (v0.16)   By mrfyda       
   [NDS GAME] 24. SWAP-DS   By kukulcan       
   [NDS GAME] Breakout!   By ds       
   [NDS GAME] Sam and Max The Hangman Game DS (English&French)   By DisizDream       
Now is the time to do your homework --- make the nice review to win the TOP NEO REVIEWER award!            
Here is the last time neo review collection:,131.0.html            
We will announce the compo result after 2 weeks, so you have around 10 days to do this homework :)            
SEE YOU AT NEXT NEO RETRO CODING COMPO AGAIN --- Aug.20th 2011 !             

and like before , have many photo and file i can't access and download from my local, so please some one can help us to upload the full set screen shoots and the files to one RAR pack ?

thanks in advance  ~sm-63.gif~.gif

Seems like the annual model works best.   ^-^  Great quality!   ::sm-29.gif::


--- Quote from: Dr.neo on August 23, 2010, 02:08:10 AM ---The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2010 is closed! Have 52 entries total !            
The APP division, total 16 entries            

The NDS APP division, total 36 entries   


--- End quote ---

Shouldn't it be APP and GAMES ?  ~sm-41.gif~

And thanks, good luck to everyone, there are really good games out there  ~sm-51.gif~.gif

sorry my fault  ~sm-40.gif~


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