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The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2010 final result!

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   The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2010 final result!      
After 10 days testing/survey and discussion, here we are pleased to announce the final result of the Neo Retro Compo 2010, congrats to all winners! Thanks for your support and contribution to let us can hold this contest again!          
   The APP division, total 16 entries   Author   Prize
No.1   [NDS APP] fb4nds - Facebook for DS   By linoma    USD 500.00
No.2   [N64 APP] GeneScript scripting language with demo and libraries   By Conle    USD 300.00
No.3   [N64 APP] SMPlayer - The simple music player for the N64   By ChillyWilly    USD 200.00
No.4   [NDS APP] Online Jukebox DS   By thecoon    USD 100.00
No.5   [PCE APP] Hunter - An NSF player for the TurboGrafx/PC-Engine   By mic_    USD 100.00
No.6   [PSP APP] PSPDictionary v3.1.0   By Gefa    USD 100.00
No.7   [NDS APP] Avia : Your Personal Birdwatcher's Guide!   By SimplexProductions    USD 100.00
No.8   [PSP APP] Snes9X Euphoria R4   By Zack    USD 100.00
No.9   [PSP APP] Cristal Vista 7.0 DEMO   By Arber    USD 100.00
No.10   [NDS APP] Jazzier Suite 2.0   By Gaz    USD 100.00
   The NDS APP division, total 36 entries   Author   Prize
No.1   [NDS GAME] Duyumania   By Nacho Cuesta    USD 500.00
No.2   [PSP GAME] Toy Wars demo version   By davidgf    USD 300.00
No.3   [NDS GAME] Speed Trap   By NightFox    USD 200.00
No.4   [NDS GAME] Puzzli   By alekmaul    USD 100.00
No.5   [MD GAME] Mega-Drive Space Pixy   By sarang    USD 100.00
No.6   [Wii GAME] NanoMechas   By EvilTroopa    USD 100.00
No.7   [PSP GAME] Age Of Nations - RC1   By seanpaul223    USD 100.00
No.8   [NDS GAME] Scribble Jump DS   By s_hansse    USD 100.00
No.8   [NDS GAME] Super Smash Bros Crash! DS    By miguel28    USD 100.00
No.9   [NDS GAME] Chewing Boy NDS   By morukutsu    USD 100.00
No.10   [PSP GAME] PSP_Bot   By Geecko    USD 100.00
   Top 3 Neo Reviewer:      
No.1   NEO COMPO 2010 Reviews By Aleomark: forum and magazine style!   By: Aleomark   USD 300.00
No.2   Reviews by Chilly Willy   By: ChillyWilly   USD 200.00
No.3   Reviews by Lungo tubo.   By: Lungo tubo di escapamento    USD 100.00
   Total prize amount: USD 4100.00      
We will ship the prize in next weekend, please tell us what you want for your prize, you can choose the PAYPAL USD cash, or can choose the same value goods from , just like last Neo compo.         
Post your wish to here:,6357.0.html         
At Aug.20th-2011, the next NEO retro contest can't without you, you are our neo team power source :)         
SEE YOU AT NEXT NEO RETRO CODING COMPO AGAIN --- Aug.20th 2011 !?         

Congratulations to all the winners !
I'm disapointed not to have won, but I'm happy to see that Morukutsu, Alekmaul and EvilTroopa are awarded. :D

Oh! that's fantastic! I'm glad, and congratulations to all winners and to the other guys don't get dissapoint, to create apps and games is never easy, try next year!

Congratulation for all winners ! You all deserve it  :D  ::sm-29.gif::

--- Quote from: Aleomark on September 11, 2010, 11:59:01 PM ---and to the other guys don't get dissapoint, to create apps and games is never easy, try next year!

--- End quote ---

Nah. I've worked sooooo hard to create something I thought was cool. Nobody liked it.
I've won 4th position last year with You Have To Burn The Rope DS, which is a remake of a game. I thought creating something new would be better, that doing my own graphics and music would give more 'points', and the level editor is a cool addition. My game this year has a lot more content than my last year. But it seems like it was no fun at all.

I learned a lot though, and have more experience than before, but I've created this game only to hope to get in top 10. I've wasted my summer vacation, in some way.
I'll just go away.  ~sm-53.gif~.gif

Congratulation again, sincerely, I loved every DS games there, Duyumania really deserve it, it could be a commercial game right now ^^. And the others were really fun to play too. Good job everyone.

Congrats to all who has ben entered this Compo, specialy to Limona & Nacho. Great Contest!


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