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NEO-Max Final SPEC:

* Includes Mini High-Speed USB Slim Loader III
* Includes USB Pen Driver for SD/MMC card, plug and play (no driver needed)
* First built-in inner High-Speed 8K cache system
* First built-in changable battery system for NEO cart
* First built-in battery voltage indicate system
* First built-in SD/MMC A.I. power protection system
* Built-in mobile Li-Ion cell battery, no need to maintain, auto rechargable
* Built-in PDA style GBA/NDS menu, can use NDS touch screen for total control
* Built-in SMS2 system, can edit and backup/restore the game save file to SD/MMC
* Built-in 2M REAL hardware save system, simulates 100% of the EEPROM/Flash chip
* Built-in 16M Menu Flash, can use GBA cart or SD/MMC to upgrade the new MK core
* Built-in 32M big buffer area, can run very complex APP software
* Built-in 64M NOR flash, can use for store files and SMS
* Built-in NeoFAT system, support multi-files, can load file from SD/MMC directly
* Built-in power save function, the idle module will auto enter sleep mode

Wholeset includes:
NEO-Max 512M+128M Zip flash cart x1
USB Slim Loader III x1
MK3(64M+32M Zip) x1
SD Card (1Gb~32Gb) x1
1632 Cell Batteries x3
USB Extension Cable x1
Driver CD x1

Release time : end of Oct. 2005
Preorder :
Preorder :
Preorder :

This looks so sweet, I would really like to have one of these :D

I think I've figured this out...

You store all of your roms on the SD/MMC card, and they are transferred to the flash cart when you play them.  This would explain the 512Mb flash cart.

Your saves are stored on the MK3. This would explain the minimal 64Mb capacity of the MK3.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it... Until proven otherwise.

it would be really weird to no play your roms from SD since flash cart are so slow  >:(

are dont you put the flash cart into a reader and copy all the roms on to that?


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