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the USA version NEO NES MYTH CART case design,and need help

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the USA version NEO NES MYTH CART case design

the neo nes myth cart is almost ready, now start to test, but we don't have the PAL version NES,SNES and N64, we have the NTSC version only,so we want to buy the PAL version consoles to test ,if someone can help, please let  me know,we will pay everything for the console and shipping :D

one more thing, SNES and N64 MYTH CART almost finish too,that's why we need the PAL version NES,SNES and N64 so urgent :D

icant wait for the n64 and snes flash carts :)


I asume these use flash media for the roms.
What kind and what capacity? 

How much for these Myth carts?



US N64

Emperor Udan:
The first time i saw your website I was  ???.
I start to  ::sm-18.gif:: and tell the news to all my friends   ::sm-17.gif::.
I  ~sm-41.gif~ everything in the forum to be sure it was true (Snes, MD, NEC, Nes, N64  :-*)
I  ::sm-22.gif:: a bit and order a NEO2-TF Flash Cart.
Mr ::sm-21.gif:: arrive and give me the Neo2.
But when I test It: APOCALYPSE!!   ~sm-34.gif~ It won't run fine :(.
NeoFlash Team say it was a defective chain product and we must send them back  ::sm-16.gif::
After that , because I  ::sm-14.gif:: my Neo2TF, I was waiting for better news during years about old school ones  ~sm-43.gif~
And waiting  ::sm-05::
And waiting  ~sm-40.gif~


But here we go at last, NEO Team  ::sm-08.gif:: well.
Before I can make a party with my friends  ::sm-12.gif:: ~sm-36.gif~ :), NEO Team must release their products.

Thats why I want to contribute for what I was expecting all this Time, Old Schools Products  >:D.

If you need them, I can send you a pal Snes, pal N64 and later pal Nes (Mine is defective).

All with video cable (scart cable  8)) power cable (220 V. ) but without controller (you must have US snes controller to play on euro snes, not a jap controller)

I wish Neo Team can send me back their products in return  ::sm-24.gif::.

I can send PAL NES (needs new cartridge connector), PAL SNES and PAL N64.  How much are they worth to you?


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