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Why you NEED to get this version

 + Massive 31 actions included in this super new release
 + Add box text, stylus functionality, moving sprites, video, transitions, keyboard and more
 + Compatible with brand new PALib community release & Windows Vista
 + Quicker compile: auto-detect PALib build completion
 + Improved designer now with sprite & Background info and co-ordinates

In this screenshot you can see me designing a DS word processor

Before now, actions in your games were hard coded into the program. But with this brand new release, actions are loaded from file, meaning they are almost totally bug free and take up minimal space on your computer. And not only are there more than 30 different actions for your games, you can make your own or download more too!

Just look at what you can do with XtenDS 7.6

The newest release of XtenDS features many important bug fixes and improvements as usual. Now, you don't have to click Okay when you compile as XtenDS Auto-detects the closing of PAlib. And the designer has significantly been improved with info down the side telling you the cursor co-ordinate, sprite number, sprite name and more.

With the reprogramming of the actions system, you can easily integrate a touchscreen keyboard into your games, as well as many functions dealing with sprites, backgrounds, movement and sound.

Want more? Get Registered!

 + 20 more actions, including handwriting recognition, dual screen sprites and advanced video function
 + No advertising on your splash screen
 + Ability to adjust background quality from low to high, ability to edit game includes and ability to edit advanced options such as palet names and transparent color
 + Better control over splash screen with option to change condition and screen
 + Advertisement free interface and no Registration dialog on start up
 + Ability to configure secondary emulator
 + In-built scoring system: includes lives, health and score and actions for each
 + Cool Background Mosaic effect

You may still use the free version for as long as you like, but it is highly recommended that you upgrade to have the best actions and options available. It is hard to tell that someone has used XtenDS to make their game when they have used the Registered version.

Get XtenDS

It doesn't run out-of-the-box under Wine. Might want to fix that… ::sm-22.gif::

Out of the download not compatible, please as the partner above said, fix it,  ~sm-40.gif~ :-[

 ^-^ Ownd.
Just google search for the name and you will found it , the site sucks.
so Google it. Works almost everytime , i found it and a better one!

Er, hi guys...

I haven't worked on XtenDS for years. New DS Game Maker is @

That's also my site, too.


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