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Food for patients "Breast cancer", what to eat and what to avoid
« on: September 17, 2020, 12:31:46 PM »

Breast cancer is the number 1 most common cancer of Thai women. And tends to keep rising When has breast cancer Of course, it has to be with stress. And symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, so we need good nutrition. To provide the body with adequate nutrition In the fight against this terrible disease, Hello, Doctor has information about Diet for breast cancer patients That you should eat something to read
Eating healthy food
Eating that is useful. It is very effective for people with breast cancer. Especially those in the treatment period and after treatment. Eating that is healthy Contributes to the body's strength And help the body feel good faster Which foods that are good for health It has the following feature
Help maintain weight
Helps to strengthen the tissues in the body
Help reduce the symptoms of cancer And side effects that arise from treatment
Maintain a healthy immune system Make the body healthy
Reduce fatigue
Tips for helping to have healthy eating habits
Reduce the size of your meals
Nausea, bloating, and constipation are side effects of breast cancer treatment. Eating three large meals a day can become difficult. Therefore, in order for the body to receive adequate nutrition as before, meals should be divided into smaller meals, 5-6 meals a day, eat little by little and add more meals. So that the body can get enough nutrients.
Consult a dietitian
Counseling a nutritionist to design a meal plan to suit your health and preferences. In addition to eating your favorite food In a healthy form It can also help you choose a balanced diet with the side effects that arise from the treatment for us.
Use a practice spoons from different materials.
Cancer therapy too Chemotherapy may alter the taste in the mouth. So to improve the taste of your food Avoid using metal spoons. Then try to switch to a plastic spoon and cook with a pan. Instead of a glass doctor
Plan ahead
Creating a meal plan in advance It gives you a tendency to follow the plan. Besides on days when I was tired of breast cancer treatment When planning Pre-made It will help make eating as planned easier.