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Running TTDS FW 1.08, Engl. on a R4I SDHC Upgrade Cartridge


Two weeks ago i bought a R4i SDHC Upgrade. Since there a load of clones of this module i provide as much technical information as possible,  so don't ask yourself why i write this down here. It came in a Red Box bearing a Micro SDHC & Wi-Fi logo as well as a little sticker on it that reads http:\\
By the domain of the web-adress i assume it was assembled in taiwan.
After a little trouble installing the retail firmware from their website (firmware download was 20mb at 1kb/sec. Do they still use 56k over there or what?) i started experimenting in reverse engineering the kernel and the structure of the moonshell because i wanted to modify some major things in the binary and couldn't found any documentations about that. While analyzing the retail firmware i had a look at a file called 'TTMENU.DAT' (stored in the root path) since i wanted to modify the kernel in order to make it load a custom interface. Since i am familiar with a variety of file formats i searched for the header magic value (first 4 bytes = 'TTDS') and found the neoflash ttds website after research. Then i tried a few times by Trial and Error to make the Cartridge launch a custom interface and found out that the cartridge looks for a nds rom called R4I.TP and launches it. To make the TTDS FW 1.08 running on the R4I SDHC Upgrade you have to erase the retail firmware (format recommended) and copy whole TTDS FW 1.08 to the micro sd(hc) card. Then just rename the
'TTMENU.SYS' to 'R4I.TP'. Maybe that will help some people or give them idea for something else, who knows ?! ~sm-58.gif~.gif


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