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MK5 game compatiblity report and latest save lib [04-13]

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the MK5 game compatibility report and the latest save lib upgrade

Official/tested list: attached at bottom (to #0828)
Untested/unofficial list:
Update/status page - if it is on the list below, it is in this list too (tested or otherwise)
Direct download

Main compatibility list has now been moved to the Joomla frontend.

It can now be found split into smaller sections from here (link).

please post the save type's you know for game's in this topic, then i'll try to make a up to date list. since i don't have a mk5(needing money hehe) i can't yet do it myself.

diddy kong racing doesnot work

Yay a cart that actually is 100% right when it is released  ::sm-23.gif::.


--- Quote from: westsidekino on February 02, 2007, 08:05:43 AM ---diddy kong racing doesnot work

--- End quote ---

diddy kong racing works with me if you change the save type from unknown to 2mbit flash.  hold select and press left or right to change the save type


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