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MK5 game compatiblity report and latest save lib [04-13]

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Well, nevermind then. I was going to buy this great piece of software anyway.
Very disappointed about NeoFlash team though. Never gonna buy anything from you from now on.

First I do not represent Neo Flash.

The MK5 is what three years old now. It was one of the best DS flash carts ever made None of the other carts I have allow you to manually change the save type like the MK5, you have to wait for the cart developers to set up the save type for you.

As Nintendo updates their games/systems to prevent flash carts  from being able run games you have to buy newer flash carts to keep up with the changes. Just like with the recent changes to the DSi. If I update my DSi firmware my flash cart will no longer work..... and I'll have to buy another cart. So now......I can't access Nintendo's on-line DSi store.

Some games run on my R4 that want run on my Mk5 or DSTT, but their are some newer games that will run on my three year old MK5 and not on the others.

As you said the Mk5 dose not support Flash - 8 Mbit and that's the end of the story.....unless someone smarter than us patches the game itself to work under a different save type. Don't expect a patch for a three year old cart.

If there is a  good long game that you really want to play, buy it as you could run into glitches on any of the carts and have to start over.

These are two examples of good long games worthy of purchase:

Suikoden Tierkreis

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Always support the game devopers that deserve it.


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