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MK5 game compatiblity report and latest save lib [04-13]

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So everyone can't find a game that has any problem? Wow that's awsome no cart before this has ever had absolutely no problem right away but, obviously there will be new games that will have a problem and it says nds browser work? Is that true? Or do you still need a ram extintion or would maybe a Neo2-SD work?


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--- Quote from: westsidekino on February 02, 2007, 08:05:43 AM ---diddy kong racing doesnot work

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diddy kong racing works with me if you change the save type from unknown to 2mbit flash.  hold select and press left or right to change the save type

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well ill be it fixed it right up

One feature I would like to see is it automatically detecting the save file that way there is no need to enter what save type it is. You have to do that right?

I think auto detection isn't possible, when of some games the savetype is known it will be added in the new menu i think, or a special save file. but for the roms not jet tested you can do it yourself so you don't have to wait for a update.

I guess but there was auto detection in mulitiple other flash carts so I think it should be possible, and didn't the Neo2/3 auto detect?


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