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Another TTDS review

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The neoflash team kindly sent me their 2 new products for review.

The Top Toy DS and the mk6 save cart with  neo3 bundle.

Neoflash product still come with a fancy packaging

We will have a look of the most  interesting of the two products, the TTDS.

As usual the product come with a mini CD with all drivers for neoflash products. And there is also a very usefull micro SD usb pen.

The content of the neoflash mini CD drivers.

First step is to put the menu from the CD into a micro sd card.

I’m actually using the one found on the CD. But new release will popup soon on the website:

The version is the v1.0C dated from 2007-11-22

Let’s have a look on this menu :


When you turn ON your DS, you directly come to the the menu with all your items on bottom screen.

You have the list of your games with the icon, the name and the size. One very very small disapointment,  when you use the scroll bar with the stylus, the list doesn’t scroll. but you can use D-pad and button as well

You directly notice that there is several icons under the name and one on the right when you select a game.

By clicking on the icon on the right, you access to several options  related to the rom itself.

First one seems a bit buggy. I don’t really know yet what it’s use for but when you enable it,
 the disc icon with green arrow appears under game name.
It may be to force cheat code support for the game.

The second one allow soft reset combo in the game.

This feature allows you to get back to this menu when you want to stop your game without switching off and on your DS by pushing simultanously L+R+A+B+X+Y.

The last one allows you to enable cheats code. It’s based on action replay cheat code and a database.

When enable you should have access to the second tab on the top that allows to cheat with a code database.

Unfortunalty this version doesn’t seems to support adding AR code directly from the menu.


Let’s go back to main menu to see generals options.

Here you can enable soft reset by default for all the games.

You can also use several function like "pass me mode" or "gba mode". Gba mode has the same effect that lunching a gba game within the main official DS menu.

Passme mode allows you to boot on slot 2 linkers.

Power off obviously switch off the console.

And Adjust Light allow you to switch within the several level of lighting of the nintendo DS lite. Of course it doesn’t work on old version of DS (not lite).

The game are launching pretty quickly depending on their size (from 0 to 3 seconds)

Ninja Gaiden demo

The best homebrew ever : Moonshell

Quake DS working really fine.

Let’s talk about games icons :

First icon red that look like XP shutdown icon indicates soft reset function is enabled.

Yellow icons indicates cheat code are enabled.

Apparently this icons indicated multiplayer mode is supported, but i played multiplayer with a game that doen’t have this icon.

The CD icon indicates that cheat code are supported.


Eventually, a little test of wifi connection with 2 DS (one card) on Mario party DS.


Finnally let’s comment the feature list provided by the constructor :

* 1:1 Original small size
It’s very nice to have a single product that perfectly fit.

* Build in passme function
Accessible via option menu.

* not need patch, just need drag and drop,then plug and play
Games are launched in few seconds, no patching needed, it’s a very good point

* support homebrew app & game
tested. Works fine.

* support moonshell movie player
tested, work.

* support soft reset in the game
L+R+A+B+X+Y work fine if you enable the function.

* support cheat code function, more fun now
Didn’t really succed to make it work yet. Can’t add your own code simply for the moment.

* support wireless multi-player
Tested with 2 DS via online and wireless connection. Work fine.

* support brightness adjust in menu
See option menus

* pure hardware save, never lose data
A .sav file is created when game save. You can backup them on pc with the usb pen

* tf menu core upgradeable
Very easy just pute menu on CF. ‘Idont know how to flash into the card yet)

* support all roms,compatibility = 100%
So far all roms tested works perfectly even recent one and 4mbits save one.

* support SDHC,up to 32GByte
Tested with sandisk 2GB. Full speed save and writing.

* the save data can use with NDS EMU directly
Just grab your .save file to play it on PC nds emulator.

Conclusion :

Pro :

-One product simple plug and play

-User friendly menu

-very simple of use

-Very compatibility.

-No manual patching, simple drag and drop.


Cons :

-Cheat code not yet fully implemented

-scroll bar doesn’t scroll roms in real time in the menu.

- Some lack of menu and icon explanation.

Final tought :

I don’t really know what to ask more for a product of this kind ? Maybe a motion sensing feature for homebrew like the MK6 (other product from the same contructor). One more *almost* pefect linker from a strong company.

Thanks for reading and sorry for really poor camera quality.
feel free to ask any question, i'll try to answer it with my own knowledge of this product.

Does it support multiple levels of directories/folders so you can organize roms on the TF card?  Or do you have to dump all the roms in one folder and scroll through them to get to the one you want?

Also, where does it stand compared to other carts or on a scale of 1-10, in your opinion, as far as homebrew compatibility?

Thanks so much for a good review!   :)

Roms are automatically detected, so there is no way of sorting things. As for other carts, I would say it is like an R4DS.

Thanks for the quick reply zombie.

So if you have homebrew apps like DS Organize do they show up together with the games on one list?  Does it sort alphabetically by game name or file name?  I would hope that at least you would be able to separate the applications from the games.   ~sm-43.gif~

Maybe this is in the works for a future upgrade?

ROMS/Homebrew will be listed together and there is no way of sorting them.  They are listed randomly, not even alphabetical.... just random.

I hope they fix this.

You know I heard this cart is actually the R4DS2. I mean it can use the R4DS cheat database and everything!


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