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How to format your MK5 2008 version with the new menu


How to format your MK5 2008 new version with the new menu (from V1.45 + XMenu V2.53, included the OLD MK5 but come with new menu)

[1] Hold START+SELECT when power on, then you will see this MK5 format menu:

[2] Then you can choose the "Quick Format" or "Full Foramt", we suggest you choose the second one, it's more stable.

[3] After it done, then power offer, and link your MK5 to PC for copy the last menu to your MK5 cart, then it'll work again.

Note: If you format MK5 on your PC, it'll never can workable! You have follow this guide.

hi final fantasy crystal chronicles has just been released for ds but supposedly they makers have made it unsaveable on MK5 cards i was wondering if its possible to make a new upgrade to overcome the problem

hi there i accidentally format my car by pc. now i cant find it on usb.
can some one please help me and tell me what to do. thank you


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