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NEW MK5-DX version released

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NEW MK5-DX version released
the hardware of new MK5-DX is same with the first version MK5, but the packing is changed, and it come with the NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack too, you can enjoy the rumble function on your FAT NDS from now!

the new MK5-DX 8G & 16G cart

MK5-DX 16G cart

it come with:
MK5-DX 16G * 1
MK5 USB loader * 1
NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack * 1

MK5-DX 8G cart

it come with:
MK5-DX 8G * 1
MK5 USB loader * 1
NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack * 1

the new MK5-DX box packing

order now:

Nice  8)
You've got a news on my website (
Just some questions :
1) you talk about the rumble pack but we see also an extension pack on the screen, is it shipped with the package too, is it only a platic support for ds fat  ? forget that, i saw the pictures on the R6 topic, it's only a remplacement case, ok  :D
2) any idea about the amount of this package ?

Great news to see NeoFlash puts in rumble (2in1 (i supose rumble/ram)) with there cards now!

(News posted on )

Does this new USB adapter provide faster transfer speeds? Also, does it work with the NCard all the clones(DS Linker, etc,)?

And, is possible to buy the new USB adapter by itself?


you can: but it's expensive, should work on all Ncard clones


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