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MK5 8G/16G GIGA cart upgrade core V1.45 + 2.56 XMenu [07-14-2008]

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I have updated all my kids MK5 cartridges (5) with this new update and none of them work with the rumble pack, as ive said on another post whats the point having free rumble packs if they arent compatible with the cartridge.
OR is there some hidden trick that every knows bar me?????
hey guy im new i just bought mk5 a while back and some of the games do not work on it like the simpsons game and viva pinata i just wanted to say do these games work on the new update please tell me! :'(

please if anyone is a master at this card please give me your Email or msn user i really need help

I  don't mean to sound stupid but how i download this Mk5 update? when i click the link it opens a new tab and its just a huge text document in Korean? how do i download the file? i must be missing something here.

Thanks for any help!

p.s the MK5 card is ace!

I've just got to ask, are we ever going to receive any more updates for this card? Or are we better off just cutting our loses with it and trying one of the other cards out there?


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