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MK5 8G/16G GIGA cart upgrade core V1.45 + 2.56 XMenu [07-14-2008]

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whats a core update never heard of it before and tell me how to do it

if not the xmenu version goes up but the v1.45 part

Doesn't work for me !  ???
When the upgrade is finished , I Restart and the upgrade restart too xD
( sorry for my bad english i'm french  ~sm-31.gif~ )

Well it works fine now  :-*
But animal crossing doesent work with this version .. What can i do ?

I have a FFIV bug, in mysidia after underground.  I am greeted and told that we must visit the prayer tower, then just music and black screens... forever.

I am on 1.45 & 2.56,  Any suggestions?


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