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TTDS firmware on my FireLink

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Hey everybody. This will be my first post on the site.
I have a question:

Can I use TTDS firmware on my firelink 16G flashcard?
I currently use the latest MK5 firmware and it works great, but I would like to switch to one that works with AR codes.

Will this firmware work for me, or will it brick my card?

Thanks in advance guys!

I can't imagine it doing any harm, but I'm almost 100% sure it wont work. The firmware from the dstt is just a normal .nds file, all you would need to do is rename it from ttmenu.dat to something else and run it. I don't think it will even be able to read the card though.

It probally won't brick your card, but it won't work either.

As Spinal already said i see now ::sm-03::

Is there any firmware that would be better to use on this card than MK5?
Also: any idea why the MK5 firmware works on my card?

There hasn't been an update for those carts in a while now, the MK5 one is probally the latest. And the formware is compatible with your firelink card because the mk5 en the firelink have (almost) the same hardware in the inside of the cartridge.


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