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Gaz's Reviews NDS
« on: April 05, 2009, 01:46:39 AM »
DS Apps:

I entered the game 5 Dice, into the comp. 

[Ace Attorney DS]
Transferring this to the DS was hideous; removing it was worse 45mins to remove from my flash cart.  For me all the info on creating a game would have been better in a tutorial/manual and then just mod the configuration file; but this probably defeats the object of this type of software.  An example game configuration file would have been nice.  It was well implemented and a lot of effort went into to it, just not for me.

[Health Monitoring Tool Kit]
Something I won’t have to use, I hope! I am sure there are many that would find this software very useful/essential.  One issue I had with the software is when entering your weight, what is the unit of measure (kg’s, pounds, stone’s ?)

This is not a program I would use.  The interface is very impressive but I would like to be able to download to the DS and then view offline.

Very nice interface, some good features.  I like the battery level and wifi signal.

This has a great looking interface.

[HWOS2/ DSision2]
With these being similar apps, I want to include this note.  These apps currently are not very useful to me as I currently use Moonshell.  Maybe it’s out the scope of these apps, but it would be very nice to see a good file explorer on the DS which could copy, cut, re-name, move folders etc, which I am hoping these will achieve.

This has potential but it’s very slow.  I really like this app, and hope it will work more effortlessly in the future.  It does not load all PDF files in, but it’s a good base; I hope this software develops.

[Mario Paint Composer DS Paratrooper Release]
This is my favourite app for the category being a musician.  It’s well implemented and has a good interface.  I would have liked to have seen the ability to copy a portion of the arrangement to save manually repeating it all the time.

The animations work well, but the interface needs work.  You’d also have to be a good athlete to get in some of the positions without hurting yourself!!

This could have been better;  the piano needs to be at least 3 octaves wide.  It would be nice to record a melody.

[Wee Basic]
The text editor on this needs much work; The text disappeared at one point.  I was hoping for an old style interface for programming in basic, and this would have been perfect for this app.  Having commands like RUN, LIST, NEW, CLS, POKE, PEEK etc, on a command line.

I tried this but couldn’t seem to get it to play my mp3 files.  Maybe the file in the directory was too big.   The interface needs some work.

1. Mario Paint Composer DS Paratrooper Release 25
2. DSwiki 22
3. Ace Attorney DS 20
4. DSision2 18
5. HWOS2 18
6. Health Monitoring Tool Kit 17
7. SutraDS 15
8. Ands-PDF 12
9. myPiano 10
10. DSBash 10
11. Wee Basic 10

DS Games

The graphics where good on this game and the sound but the game-play didn’t keep me hooked.

This is the game I played most; I like this game, the physics are spot on and the level design was good.  The interface needs a little work; it’s seemed diminish the professionalism of the game.  Once the level is complete, an option to end the level be nice, so not having to click on all the remaining blocks proceed.

I couldn’t play this on my R4, hung at the menu.

This game did not capture my attention after the first world.  It would have been nice to skip the intro.  The game itself was very well implemented; the graphics/sound where fantastic and the character movement was very good.  The enemies where just to boring in their movement.

[Balloon Pop]
I like this game; the interface was a little finicky at first, but I managed to find my way around it.  Not something I would continue playing though; more levels, a better interface, sound/music and more game-play needed.

[Vahalla DS]
I never played this on the Amiga, but I do remember it.  The conversion looks A1, I would certainly play this if you implement the whole game.  It would be nice if you could fix the problems with the sound too; I don’t this the game looses too much because you have the speech working (Which sounds quite creepy at times!) The one problem with this game is that when you die, you can’t restart.

[Vector Tower]
This is a great game; but way too easy.  There was a few bugs, some of the lasers remained on screen; and white lines appear when scrolling up/down on the map.  I liked the air-wolf theme tune; but the dance music was a no-no.  This need some complex audio (Maybe futuristic).

[Anime Jo]
The graphics on this game are top.  The game-play is very one-dimensional and did not hold my attention for long.

[Alice and Marisa]
Very nice graphics; but the game was boring, I didn’t play it for long.

[Bill and Ted]
Bill and Ted is one of my all time fav films.  The theme was good and I enjoyed the game; my only quirks are that it crashes.

I like this, but I found it very hard.  With better graphics, interface and more inventiveness in the game play; this would be a top game.

[Shooting Range]
This is a terrible game, playability is poor.

This look a very well complete app; but I was finding it hard to play; the music and graphics were very good.

[Bouncy Marble]
This is very un-developed and lacked game-play.  I would have liked to have seen animations on the ball.

[Search Eye DS]
I didn’t like this app; The graphics where good; but very mundane, I didn’t play it for long.  The interface seemed ok.

This looks interesting as I enjoy chess.  The menu seemed fine and looked well; but it hung when at this point:- ‘Select Piece of Cho to Move’

Tron is another one my favourite films so this was always going to appeal to me.  The game needs work; but I enjoyed this version.  This is more fun as a two/multi player game.  The implementation of this is great; I love the playing area (The playing area should sized depending on how many players are present) some detail on the bikes would be nice and an option to choose different bikes.  I was very impressed that the trails left by the bikes sinks into the playing area once you hit another bike (awesome) just like the film.  One last thing, the game needs sound/music desperately.

1. Brix 25
2. Vector Tower 23
3. Natura 22
4. DronS 20
5. Vahalla DS 18
6. Glubies 18
7. Bill and Ted 17
8. RGB DS 16
9. Ukke 16
10. Jangki 16
11.SnailRace 16
12. Balloon Pop 16
13. Search Eye DS 14
14. Alice and Marisa 12
15. Bouncy Marble 10
16. Anime Jo 10
17. Shooting Range 5
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Re: Gaz's Reviews NDS
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2009, 10:26:16 PM »
Hi Gaz, thanks for the nice position in your list, I would not have guessed that, based on your short text. ;-)

The interface is very impressive but I would like to be able to download to the DS and then view offline.

What do you mean by that? The program actually IS an offline viewer for different wikis. If you got a permanent online connection, life would be easy, but DSwiki is for times without a connection.


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Re: Gaz's Reviews NDS
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2009, 11:42:45 PM »
yw, DS Wiki is nice app; what I would of liked for me to use it; was to have a features to download from the internet using the DS so I don't have to keep swapping out my cartridge to view a wiki.  I didn't mark you on the fact that the feature was not available (As the app was 'Offline DS Wiki')