Author Topic: *SOLVED* Problem: screen freezes  (Read 2631 times)

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*SOLVED* Problem: screen freezes
« on: June 23, 2013, 04:56:47 PM »
Hi everyone,

I have a big problem: the Neo 64 Myth card suddenly freezes or the screen becomes green. it can happen when I am exploring the menu or when I am playing a game. It last a few seconds to do that since I turn on the N64. I use the last software and the last firmware. I tried to solve by using a older menu and the older Neo2 Ultra Menu but the result is the same. What is the problem and what can I do for solve it? Is my flash cart definitely broken?

My flash cart is "NEO N64 Myth flash cart + 512M"


It seems that the problem is the Nintendo 64 and not the flash cart because I have the same problems with original cartridges :S

Thanks!  ~sm-84.gif~.gif
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Re: *SOLVED* Problem: screen freezes
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2013, 09:47:50 PM »
Something that seems to happen quite often with the N64 consoles these days is that the capacitors in the power supply wear out due to their age.

I have seen numerous reports throughout the internet where the power supply couldn't keep the voltage stable causing all kind of wierd effects.

Therefore I would suggest you try another power supply and see if this fixes the issue you have.
Another problem that occurs quite often is 3rd party memory expansion paks that overheat.