Author Topic: What should I buy?  (Read 4452 times)

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What should I buy?
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:01:41 PM »
I currently own a neo n64 myth cart, but not the 1024 mb SD flash, do i only need to buy that and it will work with my cart?


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Re: What should I buy?
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2013, 01:33:55 AM »
Just to be sure you can fully enjoy all the features without any bugs you should check which firmware your Neo N64 Myth has.  ~sm-92.gif~.gif

If it has a very old firmware you might consider buying the Nero Dual Programmer to update the firmware too.

To check the firmware flash the Neo N64 Myth Menu to your N64 Myth and check what it says after CPLD. E.g. In this picture it says V6 while V7 is the newest firmware which fixes a savebug:

The Neo2 Pro is a perfect fit for the Neo N64 Myth cart and works very good.  :)