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As the forum is starting to get messy, I am placing the latest versions of MK/R6 software here at the top. Most of the following links (and others) can be downloaded from the neoflash download page also.

DLDI patcher for Mac

DLDI patcher for windows

Latest menu version - v3.1.2091 - Updated compatability + support for the new R6 Extreme 64g

Moonshell for R6

Neo Homebrew menu for R6

R6 homebrew burner(for old 2007 version), burn homebrew as R6 bootstrap.

R6 Icon for tf card Just unzip to root of tf card and see R6 icon when connected to PC.

Spinals Homebrew menu. Requires DLDI patch.

thanks spinal  ::sm-09.gif::

I love how my little modification has become so intwined into the whole R6 line.  ::sm-29.gif::

A JOKE !!!! AGAIN !!!

DSLinux doesn't works !

I have removed the link for dslinux, I did not realize it was not working on the R6. It seems the latest dldi version does not work either.


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