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NEW R6 + Rumble Pack 2in1 released

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NEW R6 + Rumble Pack 2in1 released

the MK-R6 Gold 2008 SPEC:
* 1:1 original NDS cart size
* Support ALL version of NDS & Lite
* Simple PLUG and PLAY
* Drag and Drop, not need any extra patch
* NDS brightness adjustable
* Support Auto Sleep Mode
* Build in MagicKey pass2 function
* Build in 4K/64K/256K/512K/2M/4M REAL EEPROM Save
* Build in upgradeable BIOS flash
* Perfect DLDI low-level support, not need DLDI patch in advance, support DS-Linux directly
* Support homebrew, like MoonShell 1.71
* Suitable for MicroSD (TF) and SDHC, up to 256GB
* Support NDS/NDSL Rumble Pack function
* Build in X,Y,Z 3-axis high speed accelerometer
* Support Motion Menu function

This version is the newest batch of R6, come with the free NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack, and the motion menu start to support multi-language , TF loading more faster, game compatibility more higher.

R6 Gold and Silver

The R6 Gold cart

The NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble

Back view, come with one free small screwdriver

By default it work with NDSL directly, 100% fit with NDSL

IF you want to use this rumble pack on the FAT NDS, you can use the screwdriver to change the NDSL small case to NDS big case, to make it work on NDS.

After case changed, the rumble pack size will same with the original GBA cart size.

What come with the packing:
R6 Gold * 1
NEO 9in1 USB loader * 1
NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack * 1

The R6 Gold new box packing

The R6 Silver cart

What come with the packing:
R6 Silver * 1
NEO 9in1 USB loader * 1
NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack * 1

The R6 Silver new box packing

Awesome! Will the Rumble pack be available for purchase separately? And it's nice you've included the NEO reader, it's a lot better than the ones in there before. And, from the pictures, is the screwdriver inside the rumble pack? 'Cause that'd be pretty sweet.

Ah neat, but how is it 2in1?


--- Quote from: MagNet on April 06, 2008, 06:12:48 AM ---Ah neat, but how is it 2in1?

--- End quote ---
Probably NDS/NDSL, Neoflash likes to make numbers as high as possible, no matter how insignificant the feature. While not bad, it is somewhat misleading.

I'm sorry in bad English.

I bought R6 Gold 2008 in January 2008.
What is different in R6 Gold 2008 and newest batch R6?

Is it a difference of an impossible part in a current update?



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