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Can't make R6 Gold/silver work?

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Heya Spinal:

I have a first-run R6 gold (MAGICKEY6 TF V1.2), when I try to run the R6boot-2.0070-selfburn_for R6.nds as _boot_ds.nds, I get an error message stating that it cannot flash, unsupported chip type.

mcode: 89
did: C388
name: Intel C3

When I try to boot the 3.x menu (with the OLD R6 boot file), I just get a logo screen with some junk on it and it freezes (using 1GB Kingston Japanese TF card, pretty fast RW)

1. does the newer _boot_ds.nds work at all?
2. does either of the _boot_ds.nds files work with a different tf card?

the newer _boot_ds starts up, but just displays "Scanning...", which is a typical indicator of having the new booter on an older model card. I have gone back to one of the earliest versions of the 3 menu series, 3.0.05xx and the cart boots and shows a list, but it seems it isn't compatible with the programs I have on it.

I've tried a few 2GB, a 4GB, and an 8GB micro tf card in it, same behaviour with all of them.

I will try to test all firmware versions in 3.x to see where the functionality breaks.


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