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NEW R6 Xtreme 64G released!

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So your not updating the r6 silver anymore?
It's like a clone no games work on it
and i had to buy it for $90 ::sm-02::

Who said anything about not updating the r6silver?

no motion?


so, the "normal" r6 gold with a 8GiB(64 gigabits - neoteam really love big numbers!) micro sd is a good choice yet...

I think there are three R6s now:
R6 Gold: Motion! Uses microSD/microSDHC cards
R6 Silver: No motion… also uses microSD/microSDHC cards.
R6 Xtreme: No motion (?). Uses built-in storage. They weren't specific enough about the math, but I believe it's 64 gigabits (GiB), which translates to 8 gigabytes (GB).

Hm, I wonder what the price is. Anyway for me when you take out the motion sensing from an R6 it loses pretty much all appeal. The compatibility is even now still kind of random and lack of now standard features like auto-reset makes it a kind of a bad card.

Anyway 8GB microSDs are quite cheap nowadays so dunno if this card will be too popular. Also I'd rather like the USB slot on the back so it wouldn't have to be pulled out at all.


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