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Official R6 feature request thread.

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Quite often in other posts, someone will ask if a particular feature can be added to the R6 firmware. So just to keep things tidy, please list your feature requests here.

I can not guarantee that any of these features will be added, as I am not doing any of the coding on the firmware, but at lease they will be easy to find.

I'll start with a couple of requests that I have seen recently in the forum -

* Skin support
* .Sav file in same location as its .nds
* Soft Reset
* Support for transferring .gba files to the neo2 card and/or any other slot-2 cards.

I second Soft Reset. Also, I would like
*in-menu file management (à la Acekard)
*in-game menu (like the CycloDS)

alexd74 has suggested hiding hidden files/folders.

hey guys having a touch scroll bar or the ability to hold the d-pad to scroll in menu would make life easier. Thanks

100% compatible with the DSI, and that roms will work, no matter if they are US, EUR, or JP.


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