Author Topic: NEO Summer Retro Coding Contest 2012 for all retro platform announcement  (Read 72965 times)

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~sm-93.gif~.gif yeah, Dr Neo, as you can see, your compo is not dead and I'm very happy of that. So much retro entries (don't talk about nds, wii, even if the entries are really nice, but i'm talking about SNES, GBA, VCS, N64, and so on ... Perhaps it's THE good deal, only one APP/GAME section, and 3 prizes, thanks about that !  ~sm-55.gif~.gif

yeah,i'm very glad to see this contest have so many entries still, wonderful  ~sm-46.gif~.gif
In my world,have 0 and 1 only ......Matrix World......

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i only wish we had seen a virtual boy homebrew or two.

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only one APP/GAME section
Judging Apps against Game wouldn't make much sense, imho. It's possible to judge whether a game X is more fun than a game Y regardless of technology barriers, and equally to judge whether X is doing the most of its own platform compared to Y (rather than "X is nicer than Y ... oh, wait, Y is an Atari 2600).

But "I prefer m3player over xgalaga because there's only one music in xgalaga and I'll never be 'game over' in m3player" ... well, that doesn't make sense at all (imho)
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