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Facebook is trying to make Apple use Messenger as the primary program.



For people using the latest version of iOS 14 that can change the main Apps that are open to other Apps, for example, originally opened the web with Safari, but now can be changed to both Microsoft EDGE, Mozilla Firefox or to be Google Chrome, etc., but except for the program. Messaging, or Messenger, is an attempt by Facebook to lobby Apple to make Facebook Messenger an option for iOS messaging.

Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook's vice president, who maintains Facebook Messenger, has revealed that Messenger-type Apps deserve to choose which Apps are more basic. And more of the development of a messaging client, it doesn't seem like a competition because iOS also has a messaging client like Message.

But it seems that Apple is unlikely to change because of Apple technology to chat in the system like iMessage that can be used to talk on both iPad or iPhone, etc.

And if Apple has chosen to change the default program for receiving messages It may affect the security system that has to be sent to the machine. Which at this point is expected that Apple is still not willing

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