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After I had written my SNES VGM player I was thinking that it shouldn't be that hard to write a playback library for the PC-Engine as well, since the PCE PSG is a wavetable synth just like the SPC.
So a couple of days ago I started writing a HuC6280 version of the playback library, and a utility program that splits VGM files into 32kB banks and combines them with the player into a HES file (the format used for PCE music rips. You can play them in winamp with nezplug++, or in an emulator like mednafen).

Now the first version is finished and available for download.
The playback source code is included in the zip.

Great work!!   :D

And here it is running on an actual TurboGrafx:

Just posted it on the news page  :D

ps -- The next player is going to be for GB/GBC ?  :)


--- Quote ---ps -- The next player is going to be for GB/GBC ?
--- End quote ---
Who knows. It wouldn't be that difficult to do a VGM player on the Gameboy. But I've got a few other projects that I'd like to work on before that.


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