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drivers do not install


My cart works, I loaded stuff onto it some years ago, using an old Pentium laptop. But I don't have it anymore and I want to use the USB slim loader iv and update the flash cart but I can't find any drivers that will work. I'm trying it on Windows 2000 since that is what the old laptop used.

I plug in the device and the "found new hardware" **** comes up asking for drivers for "USB Power Kit" but nothing on the driver CD will satisfy it. I tried downloading and running the Neo2 Pro Manager mentioned in the sticky thread and that didn't install drivers either.

I'm pretty sure that the Neo2 Manager installer asks you if you want to install the driver. Though I haven't tried it on my Win2000 box, so I can't be sure. Do you have a computer with a newer version of Windows?

The new NEO2 Pro manager requires at least windows XP.
The device registration class should be much different on windows 2000.

Thanks for replying. I have a PC with win7 64-bit but it is not convenient since tools I use for homebrew do not run under 64-bit. I tried the neo2 pro manager on that one and it did work, although I had to manually run the MSXML installer for some reason.

So I went back to win2k, and started comparing the inf file to some other drivers trying to figure out why it wouldn't install. Eventually I changed a few things and pasted in some lines from a sound driver and that made it work. (although it installed the USB Slimloader IV under sound,video,and game controllers but who cares.) Then I could run the old NEO POWER PCE USB Writing System under win2k.

--- Code: ---;
; Copyright (c) 2004-2005 XG-DRIVER SEMICONDUCTOR
LayoutFile=layout.inf, layout1.inf, layout2.inf
DriverVer= 08/23/2000,



XGUSBV4.Files.Ext = 10,System32\Drivers
XGUSBV4.Files.Inf = 10,INF



Addservice = XGUSBV4, 0x00000002, XGUSBV4.AddService

ServiceType    = 1                  ; SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER
StartType      = 2                  ; SERVICE_AUTO_START
ErrorControl   = 1                  ; SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL
ServiceBinary  = %12%\SlimLoaderV4.sys
LoadOrderGroup = Base




XG_DRIVER="NEO2 FlashTeam"
XGUSBV4.DeviceDesc="USB SlimLoader IV"

--- End code ---
Paste that text into a file "xgugh.inf" in the same place as slimloaderv4.sys and it should install.

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