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Can't open software or access SMS

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No go.  Running XP, tried logging on as administrator, same thing.  Oh, but it got worse.  Now AVG tells me there's a trojan virus in it. ~sm-75.gif~.gif

But one other thing, I picked up on your comment, about the install feature loading in the drivers.  I did not see an install feature.  I just unzipped into a folder, and moved it over to the hard drive, with all the files that came with it.  Am I doing something wrong?  And what up with the virus thing?

It's a false positive. Those crop up on a lot of different Windows apps for various AV programs now and then.

There should be some installer software in the archive somewhere... or at least an installer file for the drivers. Without installing the USB drivers, there's simply no way Windows will ever handle the adapter. It's not a generic device like a USB stick which can use a generic USB stickdrive driver.

The rar expands to a folder that contains 4 items...a gif file, a dll, an exe file and a folder titled "language."  There is not a program that is named "install", but I assume that the installer is the exe file?  If not, then a file is missing.  Double clicking on the exe file gives an error that reads "Windows cannot access teh specified device, path, or file.  You may not have teh appropriate permissions to access them."

Tried logging on as administrator, still no success.  Please help!!!  This is soooo frustrating..... ~sm-62.gif~.gif

Which version of the SMS do you have ?

SMS2 super memory stick for NDSI NDSL.  But I wonder if that's the problem.  The software doesn't seem to want to install properly.  I'm running a windows laptop with XP.  Any reason why it shouldn't run?  Are the files I listed above all the files that should appear?  I'm soooooo bummed out. :'(


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