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How to get Neutopia 1&2 to work on PC-E turbo grafx

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I read all the posts and it simply (the driver) does not work on Windows 7, Vista 32 bit, why, I pay 150 for it and it is useless, wtf, I tried everything and the driver just want be recognisd, what it is recognised in Windows 7 but it says: Old version or invalid ROM-FAT, Please take a format! WTF does that mean, any way to fix it?



--- Quote ---Please take a format!
--- End quote ---

Use the format function in the Neo Pro Manager.

What version of the Manager are you using btw? I've successfully written games to my 64M PCE card in Vista (32-bit).

I am using Neo2 Pro Manager 1.03 Beta version, I tried the format function but as the driver cannot be installed it won't work.


I just tested my rig again to be sure, and it works.
Vista Home Premium 32-bit + SP2, Neo2 Pro Manager V1.11, SlimLoader IV, Neo PC-E Flash Cart 64M.

I'm not sure why the drivers fail to install on your computer. It might be some access right issue for the directories it is trying to use. Though I don't remember running the installer as administrator, and the drivers installed properly on my computer.

Have you tried the older software? (can be found at

I got it to work in Windows 7 with Neo2 Pro Manager V1.11, it kept telling me to format it, I changed the bios.bin file to the new menu version (turbo grafx) and it formatted and worked fines, except I cannot get Neutopia 1&2 to work, it was the main reason why I bought it.


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