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SNES myth cart + Neo3-SD cart 2011 bundle kit release

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SNES myth cart + Neo3-SD cart 2011 bundle kit release

The NEO SNES/SFC Myth cart SPEC v2:

* Support ALL SNES/SFC console,all in one solution
* Support the SNES/SFC rom size up to 64M
* Support all save type
* Support 99.5% SNES/SFC games , and sure, some special game need DXP cart support
* Download games from PC to NEO2 cart directly via USB port
* Upload/restore game save to PC via USB directly
* Multi-CIC support, can use any SNES/SFC cart to boot Neo Myth on you SNES/SFC console
* Support Multi games, can download many games at the same time and swap the game via menu on your TV
* Upgradeable! Support upgrade the SNES/SFC Myth cart CPLD logic core through the NDP upgrade kit
* Use the GBA (Neo) cart or an SD card for storage of games.
* Support for cheat codes (Game Genie and Action Replay) (plugin & menu. Plugin supports the Deluxe Cheat format by default :,6110.0.html).
* Support for detection/fixing of software region protection ( plugin & menu ).
* Different reset modes supported; reset to game, reset to menu (requires firmware 2.1 or later).
* SPC playback (SNES music).
* VGM/VGZ playback (Sega Master System / Game Gear music) (SD mode only).
* Supported formats : .SMC (SNES games) , .SPC (SNES music) , .VGM (uncompressed Sega Master System / Game Gear music)
* Long filename support
* Zipped rom support ( only up to 1MB uncompressed )
* IPS patching ( plugin )

this bundle kit come with one Neo3-SD cart, support SD (and TF ), same price,but give you one more choice.

SNES myth cart back view

the retail packing

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Neo SNES SD menu download:

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order from

So the neo3 is a cheaper version of the neo2 without GBA support?   Or are there any new hardware features that could be used by the menues?

neo3 sd = neo2 sd, just don't build in the 512m/1g game flash, except it everything is same.
and sure, it can use snes menu, because the neo3-sd have 16M menu flash + 2M save sram still.

Hmm.. the current SNES menu starts up in GBA Card mode, so that should probably be changed.
Is there any way to detect whether the plugged in cart is a neo3 (through some MMIO register)?

hi mic_ ,yes there are one register can tell you the curren neo cart type, you can see this cart type in the neo2 pc manager too, will check more deatil for you.


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