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Update history for Neo2 Pro Manager v1.32A [09-09 2015]

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Update history for Neo2 Pro Manager v1.32A [09-09 2015]

* Update the SNK magickey menu file to v2.1 stable version
* Add the guide for how to install driver in WIN10 32/64 bit
* Add the last SMS4 software v1.30 in the NEO2 install pack


and here is the last V2 CD driver disk download link:

Thank you dr.neo for this great update!

Every Neo2 user should really download the Neo2 driver disk - the file also contains the faq how to install Slimloader IV on Windows 10 :-)

 ~sm-36.gif~ ~sm-36.gif~ ~sm-36.gif~

Strange, when I walk into one of the links to downloads, the following message appears:

The following site contains harmful programs

Invaders in may try to deceive you for you to install programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, changing your homepage or extra showing ads on the sites you visit).

After the program really exist? For the last (NEO2 PRO MANAGER 1.32) was released in 2013.

Ignore the warnings  and run the installer/app as admin ::sm-03::


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