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Current software for the MD Myth

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The current menu for the NeoMyth MD 3-in-1 cart is v2.9.3 and can be found in this thread.

The current PC client for writing menus and roms to the flash is v1.32 and can be found in this thread.

thanks ChillyWilly ,we will update the APP soon too, with some bug fixing for N64  ~sm-42.gif~

That's good. As long as one of us updates the top post when the software updates, people always have a stickied thread on the top forum that points them to the latest release.

Very useful post ChillyWilly , nice idea to put them all together!

By the way , merry Christmas everyone !!!  ::sm-24.gif:: ::sm-24.gif::  :D :D

Merry Xmas!!
 ::sm-24.gif::  ::sm-29.gif::  ;D  ~sm-42.gif~  ::sm-24.gif::


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