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Apple is preparing to change face emoji to make people smile


Apple is preparing to replace people wearing masks to make them smiley Indicates good health, starting with iOS 14.2 onwards

Since the introduction of emoji, many people who use a cloth to cover their mouths have said they are sick. Until recently, from the COVID-19 situation, everyone had to wear a mask. As usual, sending an emoji on a mask may not represent a sick person anymore.

Recently, Emojipedia has revealed an image of a new gag-like emoji. By adding eyesight to make it look more bright And is expected to be used with iOS 14.2 for the first time.

However, the problem with Emojicon still remains, that is, the display of each app does not remember the same, so have to accept it.

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 ~sm-82.gif~.gif ~sm-82.gif~.gif

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