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(Native Genesis port of)Super Mario Bros (Official)V1.4.2

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Edit 12/7/10 : The author released a brand new version :
Download v1.4.2 ->

Edit 5/7/10 : It has been fixed to work on real hardware :

I've just read this on Spritesmind forum , so i thought to post the news here also  :)

Original post from :

--- Quote ---After read the title, maybe some ones thought "WTF means a so strange title?", but I'm sure all the games lovers recognized inmediatly the first 3 letters as from Super Mario Bros, the classic of the classics. Well, that is exactly what is this, a complete port of the Super Mario Bros game from NES to our lovely Genesis.
Of course, some people can say: "oh, sure, this is awsome :(, well done on copying a game that is ported to at least ALL the consoles in existence", but the amazing of this port in particular is the fact that I used an automatic conversor to "translate" from the 6502 asm (NES processor) into the M68K asm. In fact, despite the HUGE optimisation I did only to fit the game in less that 64kb (I was thinking to create a LAKABAJO version... maybe in the future, when I build mine ;)), at least the 75% of the code is still untouched after the translation.
Of course, I nedeed to create from scrath the I/O function, which emulates "on the fly" the NES I/O function, since ALL THE ORIGINAL DATA IS STILL HERE. Also, if you check the memory usage, only $800 bytes are used (000-7FF, like in the original NES!!).

2 or 3 things:
- Before load it, disable the "AutoFix Checksum" in your emulator.
- The C button is for select between 1 or 2 player in the main menu. However, don't play in 2 players mode in Fusion. For Whatever reason, it takes the A and B buttons, on the second joypad, as the same button (strange, isn't it?)
- 2 small cheats: push A+Start on the 1st joypad (this set the flag who allows you to choose the start level at the beginning), or/and push Down+B on the 2nd joypad (this set the game in 40H mode, like during the development!!), then reset the game.

But stop reading, download, and enjoy it.

Of course, I could not do it without some help. Credits to:
doppelganger: If this guy had never disassembled the original game and complete comented it, I never had the stupid idea of port it. Maximun credits are for him.
walker7: The whole game would not possible without his help. He helped me to correctly translate some 6502 instruction I never understood. Thank you a LOT.
Tiido Primagi: Some help, betatesting, and try it on real HW (didn't work, but thanks anyway :) )
Devster: For help me A LOT of time ago (like 1 and a half year ago, the first time this project started), and for BasiEgaXors, the main reason I started with the genesis programming, and because I used it to simulate an enviroment to recreate all the NES sounds, since is nearly to the impossible emulate them on the fly.
Pascal: Without his "MD developper studio", I would never discovered what exactly hanged the code in early development stages.
My friends crash_19, areBalo, il panino, fraskito & lucho: for betatesting it, and for support me through this entire project.
HardWareMan, Stef, mic_, Gigasoft, Charles MacDonald & Chilly Willy: For some tips when I was trying to fit the code in 64KB without loosing execution speed.
Tom Maneiro, ScroGer, jlf65, TheMVRules, Shiru, theelf, abokys, JDTAY, socram8888, Syniphas, and a lot of other people I'm forgetting: For keeping the community alive and for be so awesome persons.

Feedback, bugs, critizes, everything will be good received.

--- End quote ---

Download v1.4.2 ->

Cool. I hope it can be fixed to work on real hardware.

I just read some of that thread, what an insane idea. That would be great to do for other platforms too, although it does seem like a hell of a lot of work.

It has been fixed to work on real hardware :

Check my modified post --->i have included instructions for both SD & FLASH users .    ~sm-56.gif~.gif

Updated 1st post with v2 patch -->


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