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um  :-X uCON64 does everything that most all those tools do and is capable of A lot more.

Version 1.20 of the MYTH programmer is NOT the latest version. 1.30 is found here:

How do i set up neo 2 pro with snes myth.I have no idea how to load a menu or get it set up.

Install the Neo Manager on your computer. Keep in mind that the drivers might not work with Windows 7/8, so you might need Windows XP or Vista to use it (either a real installation or through a virtual machine).

Download the SNES menu and place the NEOSNES.BIN file in the Neo Manager application's directory on your computer (replacing the old file that was there).

To place the menu on the cart, plug the Neo2 cart into your SNES Myth, and connect the SNES Myth to your computer with a USB cable. Start the Neo Manager and choose to format the cart as a SNES cart (the quick format option should be enough). Then either use the menu write function, or write a ROM to the cart which will also write the menu to the cart.

To set up an SD card for use with the SNES menu: Take an SD card that has been formatted with FAT16 or FAT32. Create a directory named SNES at the root of your SD card. Inside the SNES directory, create another directory named ROMS. Place all of your ROMs in that directory.

As you start up your SNES and the menu shows, press the R button on your controller to switch to SD card mode.


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