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[SNES] PVSneslib
« on: August 19, 2013, 08:54:03 PM »
Nickname: Alekmaul
Project Name: PVSnesLib, a C library to code for SNES
From: France
Division: APP
Platform: SNES (but you need Windows to use the kit)
Original Enter: Yes
Support Motion: No
Open Source: Yes
In a past NEO Compo this project won in the top 3: No

PVSnesLib is a generic C lib for Snes (We need homebrew for this really nice console :D).
It's based on snes-sdk, with help of tools from mic_, shiru , mukunda and others (just see thanks webpage on pvsneslib documentation).
There is now everything to do a project, even sound support, thanks of snesmod library (and Kung Fu Furby for help ;-) ).
Here is the wiki entry I made about it, of course **it far to be complete** and it really need more work to have something that be ok with all Snes functionnalities.
But it's a good start to enter SNES dev ;) :

PVSnesLib V2.0 : PVSnesLib
DevKitSNES V2.0 : Tools for PVSnesLib
Current Examples : Examples

This version has a neoflash Splash screen when you compile your code.
The example "likemario" (see example file) shows you what we can made with it ;) ! Here is it youtube video :
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Re: [SNES] PVSneslib
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2013, 01:51:30 AM »
This library is fantastic, my RPG engine use this. My next engine for platform also will use, to see incredible examples look for my channel here and see some examples.