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the NEO 8in1 PSP PAD installing instruction (with photo)

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Wow, I got astonished to receive a mail about this topic.

It may work with the 2000 (I could try it, but I'm pretty sure it does), but why would you want to use this nowadays?

It's just so big...good support for seeing movies though. I don't think it works with SDHC cards, and there's SDHC to MS convertors that fit in the MS slot.

Transfer speed is really slow, and a 4GB (or 8GB) MS is not that expensive.

It was a good product back then (heck, I bought it).

wow, thank you very much for your quick reply.
well... I just bought it accidentally....   :'(
anyway... I saw some DIY tutorials for enable it to read up to 32GB memory...
just cut the line of a resistor, did you do that?
and... actually... how slow it is? is it able to use for playing games in ms?

Well, it's slow for cso images, and it may depend on the game too. I can recall grand theft auto

There's that fastms thing that dark alex made to speed up fake memory sticks in newer firmwares, i think it's built in in the 5.50 gen fw.

I dind't know about it being able to read up to 32gb with a hard mod, but anyway the biggest problem I see is that it fits perfectly on a psp-1000, but on a slim it may not.

Thank you. Are you still using it?

Nope, it's collecting dust since I bought an 8 gig ms.

But again, it was a really good gadget at the time (I remember having like 20 games or so in it + 1 GB SD + 1 gb MS, and it was the game ripping age), it wasn't that much portable as the psp itself but it didn't keep me from using it at the train and so on.

It's nice in gripping terms too, my hand get numb when playing, but it didn't happen with the 8in1.


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