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The MK4-SD version

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can you say anything about the compatibility yet, Dr. Neo?  ::sm-19.gif:: .. can we expect it to be better than MK2/3?  ::sm-17.gif::

No matter what, I'm gonna get one for sure  ::sm-18.gif:: .. it looks slightly like the MK from Natrium:

must have it now, can't wait, argh

*drool* Im glad I didnt get a passme2 to get a mk3 for my new red DS. You guys roxorz.

the way its bulit is ,,uch more spce saving than the mk3, but i perfer the mk4 lite and neo2 lite, nothing sticking out of your ds.

A few things pop to mind:

--- Quote ---quoting data in Starwreck in the pirkinning:
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---quoting Ren and stimpy:
'Happy happy, Joy Joy!"

--- End quote ---
Got any idea on the costs?
Also, will it have Sram to save to, or will (hb) games have to be patched to save to sram of a GBA card (or even better, read the sram that could be built on the MK4 and copy it to SD, and when needed write it back :))?


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