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new MK4 released - MK4-Key

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new MK4 released - MK4-Key

MK4-Key is almost same with MK4-mini,only have one different: MK4-Key don't have the EEPROM chip to keep the nds save,but now sell as a very competitive price!  ::sm-14.gif::

The MK4-Key finally SPEC:

* Mini - Just same with the original NDS cart size.

* Support ALL NDS & Lite --- Support any version of NDS & NDS LITE.

* Brightness adjust --- Can adjust the brightness level of NDS / NDS lite, keep all nds function with you.

* Auto Sleep Mode --- 100% hardware support NDS power sleeping mode,you can close the nds case and open it in anytime, the game will keep to running, just same as one original NDS cart.

* PLUG and PLAY --- 100% don't need modify your console,just need to plug in the MK4-mini,then can make all version of nds/nds-lite works immediately.

* GBA/NDS Swap --- You can boot any flash cart (like the NEOFlash / XG / SC / M3 / EZ / MP / GBALink) form GBA slot,and you can boot MK2 / MK3 serial form NDS slot too.

* R-S-A Secure --- 100% support R-S-A secure arithmetic.

the Mk4-Key label

the Mk4-Key icon

the Mk4-Key come with GBA/NDS 2 mode still

the MK4-mini internal 0.6 menu

GBA mode

NDS mode

Good Idea to do this as many people aren't willing to pay that extra money for the save chip considering they have a high enough capacity flash card, or just short on the cash! One thing though, the name. MagicKey 4-Key, i don't know about you but doesn't the 2 ''keys'' just sound odd to you? Maybe just shorten it to the MagicKey 4? Nonetheless very good idea!  :D

MK4 is one serial,MK4-key is the best name for this item already  ::sm-27.gif::

This is good especially for users like Supercard, since the save is on the SD card anyway.

So this benefits people who use carts with external memory, but not for users of internal memory?


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