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MK4-mini & NeoFlash 512 Bundle Tutorial

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I'll work on updating this tutorial for v1.1 of the patcher, as well as adding some screenshots when I get home tonight.

Brief Instructions
1.  Install Slim Loader 3 and Neo Power Kit
2.  Patch a clean .nds Rom
3.  Use Neo Power Kit to flash the .nds.gba file to the NeoFlash 512
4.  Boot NDS, select Mk4-mini in the first menu, and hit 'B' to tell the Mk4-mini to boot from the GBA slot.

Extended Instructions

I'll assume that the NEO Power Kit and Slim Loader 3 are properly installed.  A good test for this is putting the Power Kit into GBA mode and burning one GBA rom to the card and booting the GBA card from the DS's menu.  As long as the GBA game works, then you know the Power Kit is working.

Make sure the Power Kit is in DS mode by running the "NDS Mode.bat" file that is placed on the desktop when the Power Kit is installed.

Download the MK4 v1.0 patcher, extract the zip file, and drag a DS rom onto the "MK4-Mini Patcher V1.0.exe".

For example, I dragged "Advance Wars - Dual Strike (U).nds" onto the .exe file and a patched "Advance Wars - Dual Strike (U).nds.gba" was created.


I plugged my NeoFlash 512 into the Slim Loader, and plugged it into my USB port, and ran the NEO Power Kit.  I added the .nds.gba file and then burned the rom.

Once it finished, I put the NeoFlash 512 into my DS Lite and turned it on.  I booted it from the MK4-Mini and got a black menu.  I then pressed B to make it boot from the GBA slot.  The rom started and everything worked fine.  I did not try to go into the MK4-Mini's menu because I get the same problem with it asking to format the NeoFlash card, etc.

Just tell the MK4-Mini to boot from the GBA slot and it will work fine.

I'll try to clean up this post and add some screenshots when I get home from work.  Until then, good luck.

Testing for v 1.0

Games tested and working with this method:
Advance Wars - Dual Strike (U)
Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow (U)
Lunar - Dragon Song (U)
Mario Kart DS (U)
Viewtiful Joe - Double Trouble (U)
Trauma Center - Life Under the Knife (U)
Yoshi Touch & Go (U)

Tested, but not working:
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (U)
Seiken Densetsu DS - Children of Mana (J)

(for some additional screenshots if necessary)

 :P  is it possible to run more then one game on the 512 in cobination MK4 ? if so what kind of menu do i use

Not right now using the official software.  Hopefully neoflash will expand the mk4-mini capabilities in the future.


Is there a way to speed up the burning process ?
It takes about 15 min to burn 30 Mo...


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