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MK4 - Mini/Supercard CF - ds rom saving


hello guys!, i have a little problem, i bought one Supercard Compact Flash,
also, 2GB Compact Flash card, and MK-4 Mini .... now, i can play some ds roms with this stuff, but i cant save!! i use Supercard software v2.42 to transfer the roms to the Compact flash card! .... it's really a bummer since i cant save!! ...can someone help me please ?? ....thanks

Ok, i just upgraded my ds firmware to version 1.63, and guess what, now with Supercard (with Compact Flash card) and MK4-Mini i can play ALL the games i want, no restrictions....Supercard software V.2.55 only works fully with firmware version 1.63...all the games work great, and i can save in all of them... no slowdowns, nothing.... thankxx for the help, anyway guyz... now i'll be waiting for Zelda- Phantom Hourglass....eheheh


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