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SMS4 how do I backup my save data

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I just received my SMS4 and tried to backup my save data of Pokemon black/white(Japanese version).
I could not back up my save data, however, I could dump NDS card.
I used NEO 3DS&NDS SMS2&SMS4 Backup Master V1.26 and NEO2 pro manager v1.11.

Thus, I tried to chage NEO2 pro manager v1.30, now I could not back up or dump NDS card.
My computer is Windows 7 (64bit).
Does any one or Dr.Neo have a solution?
Could you please give me advice?


you should keep to use NEO 3DS&NDS SMS2&SMS4 Backup Master V1.26, it's more stable.
and can you backup other nds cart save succeed?

Hi, Dr. neo

Thank you for your reply and advice.
I tried another my save data of Pokemon white 2 (Japanese version), however, both data saving and dumping NDS were faild again.
(NEO 3DS&NDS SMS2&SMS4 Backup Master V1.26 & NEO2 pro manager v1.30)

The detail of error was that the blue block bar was not shown on data saving (after start saving, error occured soon and 512kb small .save data was made).
Dumping NDS card error was shown after 41 blue blocks (about 300mb .nds data was made).

I have just only two NDS cards, so that I can not try other cards.
Please give me solution or possibility if you can.
Sorry for my poor English.

Thank you,

hi neyu , i have check our previous testing report, found the Pokemon black/white(Japanese version) is supported from the beginning, dump and backup/restore save all working fine.

we don't have Pokemon white 2 (Japanese version), so we can't test it yet.

can you get some more other nds cart ,to test your issue more detailed? it'll help us to find out what's happening with your sms4.

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