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Backup regio locked Nintendo 3DS games

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Hi Neo Team,

I am not able to backup any Nintendo 3DS game it it is regio locked. Could you help me?

If I try to back up it I always get a time out message.

If I use another game, which is not regio locked then the backup is working well.

I also would like to know: is there any driver for Win8 64 bit? Because the provided driver is not installable on Win8 64 bit.

I did my trying on WinXP.

Thanks for your help in advance!


try the v1.30

 I've already tried but I have the same result. Is there any way to cheat the regio code?

Or do you have any other idea?

some more info:

I've tried 3 versions of Backup Master:

V1.21: do nothing
V1.24: NDS Card: Unknown card
V1.30: during startup of the program is crashed

I've tried with WinXP 32 bit.

I've also tried with Win8 64bit, but in that case the stick has not been recognised. I think in that case the problem was the driver installation was failed.

Thanks for your helpin advance!

i think you need try to clean the NDS game cart golden finger, maybe can help.


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