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[FAQ] I need some help setting up my NeoFlash mk2/mk3
« on: May 25, 2006, 02:13:41 PM »
Assuming that you've already taken care of any firmware issues, this should be foolproof:

Installing the Menu to Run Games

1) Get the NEO_MK2_3_Menu_V0.6-BETA_2 files and put them on your NEO Flash gba-style cartridge and your SD card.
          -The file with the extension .nds will go on the SD card.  Forget about using the Neo Max or Power kit for this, just drag and drop in windows explorer
          -The file with the extension .ds.gba will go on the gba cart
I prefer using the Neo Max program for this, but I think either will work:
            a) format the cart
            b) "add" the NEO_MK2_3_Menu_V0.6 - BETA 2.ds.gba file to it.
            c) then click "S-Burn" ("S" as in single-- this will be the ONLY item on the cart.)

2) Put the SD and Neo Flash Cart in your DS and turn it on. The new menu should show up on it.  You will see icons of the SD card, the Neo Flash cart, the Magic Key, and the NDS card (real game).

3) Go to the Magic Key icon and choose the option to format the menu.

4) After formatting the menu, escape to the main screen by pressing B.

5) Select the SD card, and browse inside it to find the NEO_MK2_3_Menu_V0.6 - BETA 2.nds file.  Highlight this file, and you'll see a message indicating which button to flash the new menu to your Magic Key.

6) Congratulations, you've installed the menu on your MK3... now to running the games.


Running Games

1) Firstly, not all games are compatible, some are only compatible depending on if you play them from the SD card itself, the Magic Key's built-in memory, or the Neo Flash cart.  If you can't get a particular game to work, sometimes you may just have to wait for a fix for that game or a new version of the menu (BTW: I said to use Beta 2 instead of 3 because it less buggy and has compatibility with more games.)  Make sure to try the unmodified roms first, most games do not need to be patched anymore.

2) Copy whatever game(s) you want to your SD card.  Turn on your DS with the gba slot empty.  The MK2/3 menu will show up without the cart. 
Go to the SD card and select your game.  Try loading it to play the game directly from the SD card.  Note: The load time is longer than from the Magic Key or Neo Flash cart, but this is the simplest way to run the games.  Unfortunately, it is the least compatible as well. 
Almost forgot: Be patient when starting up games on the SD card!  Sometimes it takes 10 seconds or more for it to really start up and show you the opening screens of the game.

3) In the case that you can't run it from the SD card, restart your DS with the gba slot empty.  Go the Magic Key icon, and format it (CAUTION: Do NOT format the menu!).
Go back to the main menu and select the SD card.  Choose your game and select "Flash to MK2/3."  Wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait some more depending on the size of the game.
When it's done flashing, go back to the main menu and browse within the Magic Key.  Select the game, and press A a whole bunch to load it up... Don't worry about the options.
Happy gaming!  You're playing the game pretty much the way it was meant to be.  Using the Magic Key is the most compatible solution for running commercial roms.   

4) So what if the Magic Key doesn't have enough space to fit the file?  What if it is big enough, but you want to bring more games with you? That's where the Neo Flash gba cartridge comes in.  This works basically the same way as you would for flashing to the Magic Key.  It's not as compatible as the key itself, but comes pretty close.  Here's a simplified set of instructions:
     a) Start your DS without the gba slot empty.  Once the menu comes up, insert the cartridge.  CAUTION: Only do this in the menu.  I'm pretty sure that there is no current running through to the cartridge slot when it is empty, so it won't screw up your Neo Flash cart.
     b) In the menu, select the NF cartridge, and press A to detect.     
     c) Format the Neo Flash cart (don't worry about the menu file that was on there, you don't need it anymore).
     d) Find the game on the SD card and flash it to the cartridge.
     e) Wait
     f) Wait some more
     g) Go have a smoke, take a dump, have dinner, etc
     h) Back to waiting
     i) If you're still living when it says that flashing was succesful, exit to the main menu, browse inside the NF cart, and load the game.
     j) Enjoy!

Here's some other tips for playing from the NF cart: 
If you turn off your DS, take the cartridge out before you turn it on again, or it will show you the old menu.  Don't worry, just turn it off and pull out the cart.  To load the game up later, just start up as indicated, insert the cart when viewing the menu, and load the game.  EASY!

I know this seems long and complicated, but now that I'm used to how it works, it really is a piece of cake.  Good Luck!

PEACE!  :)
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